Following a very full and physically active life pre-retirement, I selected a very sedentary hobby, that of coin collecting. While in my pre-teen years growing up in Queens, I worked for my Dad at the window of his luncheonette, selling candy, newspapers,coffee and yes cigarettes. At the end of the day my compensation arrived. Dad would come home and dump a bag of candy on the kitchen table. But the real joy of the job was to be able to sort through the coins that passed through my hands. I was very successful in collecting various denomination, old and rare coins.

I did a great deal of traveling in my adulthood. Any foreign coins that I brought home I placed in a cigar box. While recently sorting through these coins, I thought, what if people could wear a piece of jewelry that reminded them of their roots, the country of their Heritage; or delight in wearing a coin of the country of which they are proud. This part of my life experience culminated in the delight of bringing you Heritage Coinwear.

Dominic Panabianco


There are various criteria in my coin selection process. The coins may be old, and point to a significant time or person of interest in history and be in good condition. Coins that are too difficult to source or are too expensive to meet the above standards will be of recent vintage, and classified as extra fine or uncirculated condition.

At the time you select coinwear you will select a style and size necklace that is included in the price.



I only learned recently that old/antique coins should never be cleaned, I have cleaned coins using an abrasive and/or chemical compound. However, these coins had recognizable characteristics that were very appealing. I wanted to peel away the crud and delight in the characteristics of the coin. 99% of my coins are not cleaned that way. I’ll use a polishing cloth or if necessary a non-abrasive cleaning agent. The product I use is called Bar Keepers Friend.

My bezels do not have prongs. The rubbing of the prongs on the coin will cause scratch marks or permanent blemishes. Many of the coins that we use in our Heritage Coinwear are collectable. The 1793 Great Britain coin honoring Sir Isaac Newton is an example. USA Morgan silver dollars, many of which are in our collection were minted in the nineteenth century and are featured in our coinwear.