Happier Buyers…More Sales!

The first US postage stamps were issued in 1847 beginning in Virginia.  The five-cent stamp caried a standardized design, with a picture of Benjamin Franklin on a red background, while the 10-cent stamp showed George Washington. Well, those stamps are so rare as you can imagine that whatever few are around will cost $200,000.oo or more. As our culture grew in many directions; in science/medicine, art,mechanics , technology , many of the important personalities were being honored with a [...]


Sterling Silver Artwork

Most of us think jewelry when presented with the words “Sterling Silver”, but not very long ago silver had it’s beginnings  in making  hair ornaments, thimbles, garter pins. It very quickly surpasses the then famous English silver crafting business.  The Gorham Silver Company led the design and silver usage movement at the beginning of the 19th century and produced for example, a silver tea set for Mary Todd Lincoln and a flat wear set that is still used at [...]


I Went Back!

To where I have never been! AARP magazine published several articles about US Citizens wanting to get closer to and learn more about their Heritage. This has become more typical with  Baby Boomers and yes those of the early Gen X ers. Now that retirement is here or nearing to the largest segment of our population.  I guess it’s that time in life where a person is compelled or simply curios to learn more about themselves (a fulfillment of sorts, maybe [...]