Juan Sebastian Elcano was the first Explorer to Circumnavigate the globe.

Starting out on August 10,1519 from Seville, Spain, Magellan’sexpedition returned to Spain on September 8,1522.

Sound familiar? Of course not! Unless your Grammar or HS teacher drilled down on the subject or studied it in its entirety you were taught that Fernao de Magalhaes AKA Ferdinand Magellan, born in Portugal sailed entirely around the world.

  • On August 10, 1519 five vessels under Magellan left Seville to find a route to the spice islands. [The Maluku Islands of the Moluccas are an archipelago in eastern Indonesia. The Trinidad was the Flagship.
  • In May1520 a storm wrecks the Santiago one of Magellan’s ships of the coast of South America.
  • Another of his ships on November 28,1520 the San Antonio’s crew had deserted and set sail back to Spain.
  • The then fleet of three remaining ships then emerged into the Pacific Ocean. Crossing what was later known as the Straights of Magellan which at southern Chile separated the Atlantic from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Following a three-month sail through rough seas hunger and disease struck the crew.
  • On May 6, 1521, the ships made it to the Marianna Islands where they restocked the ships. They reached an archipelago later known as the Philippines.
  • Magellan, intelligent though ruthless forcibly converted the population of some of the Islands to Christianity. A nearby Island’s leader refused to convert and submit to his rule. The dictates of sub-human cultures at that time, according to Spanish, English, Dutch and Portuguese rule during the three centuries of discovery were the color of the skin, dress habits and cultural norms and religious beliefs.
  • On April 27, 1521 Magellan led 60 men to the island to demand their surrender. There was a battle Magellan was killed; left in the sands of by the European survivors.
  • There were not enough hands to sail three remaining ships, so the Conception was emptied and destroyed
  • In December 1521, the Trinidad was leaking and was abandoned, leaving the Victoria under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano as the only ship to return to Spain.

LOL….. Juan Sebastian Elcano was not welcomed back to Spain with pomp and circumstance. He was declared a mutineer. Just sayin! that you don’t have to look far, near, in the past or understand the naysayers of the first moon landing to know that the Cancel-Culture will live forever.

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