Maybe Not A Blog by Definition!

I have been writing what I have labeled “Blogs” and posted them on under the category, “Coinology” for a couple of years. I figured whether you are reading them or not I should communicate my motivation for writing them in the context of history-centric topics on not much of a discussion format.

While many people are enlightened by breakthroughs in science, new technologies’ or space exploration, one of my passions is reading and exploring history, ours and theirs. My intent is to bring to you a short narrative of the readings which have impressed, if not awed me. I make a gross assumption that if that which I have read is news or has been reintroduced to me that it is also new to you.   Part of my selection of Historical revelations is that they have been left unreported or underreported or more likely, forgotten. It is very possible that I have read or been taught these in grammar or high school but never really learned. One of my regrets.  My definition of History includes people, places and happenings that have impacted our lives today or yesterday, although many may have occurred years, decades or centuries ago.

Don Panebianco


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