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ARGENTINA Cinco Centavos 1957

Heritage CoinWear Country: Argentina Year: 1957 Type: Round Denomination: 5 Centavos Diameter: 1.180" Bezel: Diamond Cut Chain: Your choice, it's included in the purchase.

Argentina 1810 to1910 Buenos Aires National Expo

1.25in | 31.80 x 2.21 mm |.254oz Select you neck-chain that will accompany your Heritage Coinwear from the options that will appear in your next .

ARGENTINA Cinco Centavos 1944

.171 oz| 17.56 x 1.25 mm | 1.3756 in Diamond Cut Bezel |Gold Plated Chain Select the style  and chain length from the selection at  one of the five at the time you make your coinwear selection. 

ARGENTINA Dos Centavos 1891 – 14K Solid Gold Bezel

Copper\ 1.1895 in \30.00 x 2.00 mm \Gold Rope Bezel \

ARGENTINA Dos Centavos 1893

Heritage CoinWear Country: Argentina Year: 1893 Type: Capped Liberty Hood Round Denomination: Two Centavos Diameter:   30 mm, 1 3/8" Bezel: Rope Edge Chain: Your Selection. It's included in the order.