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ARGENTINA Cinco Centavos 1957

Heritage CoinWear Country: Argentina Year: 1957 Type: Round Denomination: 5 Centavos Diameter: 1.180" Bezel: Diamond Cut Chain: Your choice, it's included in the purchase.

Argentina 1810 to1910 Buenos Aires National Expo Coin Necklace

1.25in | 31.80 x 2.21 mm |.254oz Select you neck-chain that will accompany your Heritage Coinwear from the options that will appear in your next .

ARGENTINA Cinco Centavos 1944

.171 oz| 17.56 x 1.25 mm | 1.3756 in Diamond Cut Bezel |Gold Plated Chain Select the style  and chain length from the selection at  one of the five at the time you make your coinwear selection. 

ARGENTINA Dos Centavos 1893

Heritage CoinWear Country: Argentina Year: 1893 Type: Capped Liberty Hood Round Denomination: Two Centavos Diameter:   30 mm, 1 3/8" Bezel: Rope Edge Chain: Your Selection. It's included in the order.