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Egypt Fifty Piastres 1439-2015

Country: Egypt Image: Cleopatra Coin: Fifty Piastres 2015 Dimensions:  .90 ",   23.00 x 2.30 mm Material: Solid Gold Coin Edge Bezel, Bronze Coin Select your neck chain, type and length. It is included in the list price of the coinwear.

Egypt Five Piastres 1957

Country: EGYPT Year: 1957 Type/Image: Sphinx Material: Copper Coin, Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bezel Denomination:Five Piastres Diameter: .0866",  22.00 x 1.18  mm Bezel: Diamond Cut Select the style and length of your neck chain from four popular choices. The chain you select will be either 1.7omm or 2.00mm thick. The neck-chain is included in the price.  


Heritage CoinWear Country: Egypt Year: 2006 Type: Round Denomination: One Pound Diameter: 0.979" Bezel: Coin Edge Chain: Your choice, when you make your purchase; included in the price.