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Ireland 1968 One Scillin Eire Coinwear Necklace

Coin  |25.00mm |Coinwear 32.00mm |.325oz | Sterling Silver Bezel Necklace Chain is your selection at time of purchase, Solid Sterling Silver , Light or Dark Copper, Gold Plated . See Images.

IRELAND Fifty Pence EIRE 1970 CoinWear Necklace

Country:Ireland Currency: Fifty Pence Eire Date: 1970 Bezel: Diamond Cut Bezel Coin Dimensions: 30.00 x 2.43mm.... 1 1/8"

IRELAND Five Cent 2002

.836 in\ 21.23 x 1.23 mm \Sterling Rope Edge Bezel \Copper

IRELAND Two Pence Eire 1965

Heritage CoinWear Country: Ireland Year: 1965 Type: NN Denomination: One Eire Diameter: 30.75 x 1.84 mm...   1.209"..... Bezel: Sterling Silver Coin Edge Chain: Your choice, when you make your purchase. It is included in the price.