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RUSSIA Five Kopeck 1991 Owl CoinWear Necklace

Country: Russia Type: Commemorative Material: Bi-Metal Image: Owl Dimensions: 25x2.20mm  ..... 1.00"  

Russia Fifty Kopecks 1993 Demoiselle Crane Красавка

Specialty CoinWear Country: Russia Year: 1999 Type: Bi Metal Denomination: Fifty Kopecks Diameter: 25.00 x 2.20mm  .....  0.983" Bezel: Silver Clad Your choice of neck-chains. Included in the price. Chain: Gold Clad

RUSSIAN EMPIRE Twenty Kopeck 1865

The neckchain viewed here accompanies the Pendant. .229oz| 1.00x.75 in| 22.00in x 2.50mm |box chain |