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BELGIUM 1977 Five Francs Silver Coinwear Necklace

.211 oz. |23.75mm x 1.66mm |Rope Necklace| Rope Edge Silver Bezel Your choice of necklace, length and style, the next step of your purchase; included in the price! Remember to to select your free gift!

South Africa Two One Half Shillings 1897

Heritage CoinWear Country: South Africa Year: 1897 Image: Johannes Paulus Kruger Denomination: Two One Half Shillings Diameter: 1.258" Bezel: Diamond Cut Chain: Your choice from an attractive selectio, size and type. Your selection is included in the price.

Spain Spanish Colonial 1792 8 Reales Silver Coin Necklace

  • One oz .896% Silver 1792 Spanish Coin
  • Royal Mint of Spain (Real Casa de la Moneda), Madrid, Spain (1591-date)
  •  Gold Coin Edge Bezel
  • 39 x 2.50mm
  • You select the neckchain style and length.

US 1943P Silver Half Dollar 14 K Solid Gold Bezel Necklace

  • Silver .90% Copper .10%
  • 12.50 grams (193 grains)
  • diameter of 30.6 mm
  • 1.198in
  • 36.81 x 3.77
  • Solid Gold Rope Edge Bezel
  • You select the neckchain size and style.

USA Capped Bust Half Dollar 1834 Coin Necklace

Diamond Edge Bezel |1.25in. |32.00 x 1.70mm Select the length, metal and style of your neck-chain. It's included in the price. And don't forget to select your free gift from rare collections.