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Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin. Roman Western Roman Empire. EMPEROR VALENTINIAN II, AD 375-392 Decline and Fall of Rome

A son of emperor Valentinian I and empress Justina, he was raised to the imperial office at the age of

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Eastern Roman Empire EMPEROR THEODOSIUS l , AD 379-395 Late Empire The Dominate

Theodosius II ( 10 April 401 – 28 July 450), commonly called Theodosius the Younger,was Roman emperor for most of

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Eastern Roman Empire. EMPEROR ARCADIUS, AD 383-408 AE4 Decline and Fall of Rome

Arcadius was born in 377 in Hispania, the eldest son of Theodosius I and Aelia Flaccilla, and brother of Honorius,

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Roman House of Constantine AE4 BI Nummus Julian ll AD 360-363 Issued as Caesar

A member of the Constantinian dynasty, Julian was orphaned as a child. He was raised by the Gothic slave Mardonius,

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Roman. Eastern Roman Empire. EMPEROR VALENS, AD 364-378 AE3 Decline and Fall of Rome

Flavius Valens (328 – 9 August 378) was Roman emperor from 364 to 378. He was the younger brother of

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Western Roman Empire. EMPEROR HONORIUS, AD 393-423 AE4 Nummus Roman Christian Era

Flavius Honorius (9 September 384 – 15 August 423) was Roman emperor from 393 to 423. He was the younger

Antique NGC Certified Roman Coin.Western Roman Empire. EMPEROR VALENTINIAN I AD 364 to 375 AE3. Late Empire .The Dominate

Valentinian I (Latin: Flavius Valentinianus; 3 July 321 – 17 November 375), sometimes called Valentinian the Great, was Roman emperor

FRANCE Monnaie de Paris. Marianne 2017 250 Euro.Gold Coin MS 65-70

1 euro equal 1.2166 as of .5.23.2021 23.00 mm| 3.79 gr.| Monnaie Specification Document| Display | Container Box

MEXICO. 1774 Silver Two Reales Antique NGC Certified AU Detailed Repaired

Composition: Silver Fineness: 0.9030 Weight: 3.3800g ASW: 0.0981oz

Roman Antique Certified Coin. Nicea Bithynia EMPEROR GORDIAN lll AD 238-244 AE19

Gordian III (Latin: Marcus Antonius Gordianus; 20 January 225 – 11 February 244 AD) was Roman emperor from AD 238

Roman Coin Antique NGC Certified .Western Roman Empire. EMPEROR GRATIAN , AD 367-383 AE3 Decline and Fall of Rome

Gratian ( 18 April 359 – 25 August 383) was Roman emperor from 367 to 383. The eldest son of