AL – MUTAMID 1040 -1095


Medal by Cabral Antunes \9.644 oz \3.475 x .356 in \88.34 x 9.00 mm \


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Muhammad ibn Abbad al-Mu’tamid (Arabic: المعتمد بن عباد‎; reigned c. 1069–1091, lived 1040–1095) was the third and last ruler of the Taifa of Seville in Al-Andalus. He was a member of the Abbadid dynasty.

After the death of his father Abbad II al-Mu’tadid in 1069, Al-Mu’tamid inherited Seville as caliph. One of his first acts was to recall Ibn Ammar and to bestow military honours and high political offices on him, including as Governor of Silves and Prime Minister of the government in Seville. Some sources suggest a lovers’ quarrel after Ibn Ammar dreamt that Al-Mu’tamid was going to kill him. The caliph reassured him that he would never do such a thing


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