CANADA Five Cents 1934

CANADA Five Cents 1934


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March 9 – New Brunswick women win the right to hold office

July 3 – The Bank of Canada is formed

October 26 – Reconstruction Party of Canada formed

August 14 – John Sackville Labatt kidnapped – On August 14, 1934, Labatt was returning to his office in London, Ontario, from his cottage on Lake Huron near Sarnia, Ontario. Soon after leaving the cottage, his car was forced to stop by another vehicle, and Labatt was abducted at gunpoint. He was forced to write a letter to his brother Hugh, telling him to go to the Royal York Hotel to await further instructions. Labatt was then taken to a cottage on Lake Muskoka, where he was blindfolded and chained to a bed.The kidnappers were Michael Francis McCardell, known as Three Fingered Abe, Jack Bannon, Albert Pegram, and Russell Knowles. Knowles drove Labatt’s car to London and, after placing the note inside it, sent word to Hugh Labatt about its location. Hugh proceeded to the Royal York Hotel and began gathering money to pay the ransom, but word got out and generated a media furor. Reporters massed at the Royal York and in London.This caused the kidnappers to panic, and they decided to release Labatt, and he was unchained from the bed after three days of captivity. They drove him to Toronto and released him on St. Clair Avenue in the Forest Hill neighbourhood. They gave him cab fare and then fled. Labatt travelled to the Royal York, to meet his brother.


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