• 51.00 mm \ 76.00 mm \4.00 mm  – 3.00″ x 2.00″| 3.616 oz
  • 1993 Bronze Medal
  • Your order of the James Hoban Bronze metal will be accompanied by a bronze-tone metal stand and the below 1981 18c mint unused USPS postage stamp.

    Scott 1935- James Hoban, White House Architect- MNH 18c 1981- unused mint stamp


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James Hoban-Architect of The White House and The US Capitol, 33rd Degree Free MASON 192nd Year Supreme Council Commemorative.


James Hoban was an Irish Catholic raised on an estate belonging to the Earl of Desart in Callan, County Kilkenny. He worked there as a wheelwright and carpenter until his early twenties, when he was given an ‘advanced student’ place in the Dublin Society’s Drawing School on Lower Grafton Street. He studied under Thomas Ivory. He excelled in his studies and received the prestigious Duke of Leinster’s medal for drawings of “Brackets, Stairs, and Roofs.” from the Dublin Society in 1780. Later, Hoban found a position as an apprentice to Ivory, from 1779 to 1785.

Following the American Revolutionary War, Hoban emigrated to the United States, and established himself as an architect in Philadelphia in 1785.



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