MOROCCO Fifty Centimes 1922

MOROCCO Fifty Centimes 1922


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The French and Spanish in Morocco

In French-controlled Morocco, a Muslim Sultan held nominal power, but the real power lay with the French resident-general, an aristocrat and former army colonel, Louis Lyautey. His policies closely fit the French colonial ideal, and he was a favorite among French conservatives. Lyautey had served in Madagascar, and he had convinced tribes there that the French army was on their side, the army giving them machine-made tools and teaching them scientific methods in farming. In Madagascar his troops had built roads and had established telegraphic installations. Lyautey had left Madagascar materially better off and more tranquil than it had been in its entire history, and he wanted to make life better for Moroccans.

In the part of Morocco that France controlled, French farmers had incomes that averaged eight times higher than the average of Moroccan farmers, and the French farmers looked upon their Muslim neighbors as an inferior race. Lyautey had been in Morocco since 1912, and he had become popular with the local French and the Moroccans. Lyautey dealt with the Moroccan people through the authority of their own chiefs. He tried to avoid offending any local customs and religious practices. Under Lyautey the French taught Moroccans how to grow more and better crops. More marketplaces were developed for the Moroccans, and the French built hospitals, schools and roads. In that part of Morocco that the French controlled the economy improved, benefiting local people and French investors. And Lyautey created two new coastal cities: Kenitra (to be renamed Port Lyautey) and Casablanca.




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