NETHERLAND Two and One Half Gulden 1980

NETHERLAND Two and One Half Gulden 1980


copper.nickel\ .23oz\ 1.125in\ 29.00×2.15mm

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The striking ban for civil servants and the railways is abolished from Dutch law. This ban was part of the Abraham Kuyper strangle laws of 1903.
Queen Juliana announces that on April 30 she will abdicate in favor of her daughter Beatrix who will become 42 that day.
Vondelstraat Riots: In Amsterdam squatter riots break out when the police tries to remove squatters from their premise at the Vondelstraat. Street brawls go on for several days.
The army removes barricades after the mayor of Amsterdam assigns them to reconquer the Vondelstraat from the squatters.
Herman Bodde utters the famous words: Do we want to go to the Dam? Than we will go to the Dam. This happened during a laborers manifestation at the RAI complex in Amsterdam-South, the venue was moved there out of fear of squatter riots.
King Juan Carlos of Spain arrives in the Netherlands for a state visit lasting 3 days. This was the first visit of a Spanish monarch on Dutch soil since Philip II of Spain in 1559.
The first angioplasty treatment takes place at the Saint Antonius Hospital in Utrecht.
The abdication of Queen Juliana in favor of her oldest daughter Beatrix. The inauguration of Beatrix as Queen of the Netherlands is marred by large riots known as the Kroningsoproer (see Amsterdam coronation riots).
Establishment of the Dutch Language Union.
Bart van Kampen establishes the Black Market in Beverwijk.


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