South Africa One Penny 1960

South Africa One Penny 1960


QEII \Dromedaris Tall Ship \.34oz \1.25in\ 31.00×1.70mm

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21 – 435 miners die in the Coalbrook mining disaster, the worst mine disaster in South Africa.
3 – Harold Macmillan delivers his Wind of Change speech to the Parliament of South Africa in Cape Town.
21 – Police kill an estimated 69 people during the Sharpeville massacre.[2]
22 – Hendrik Verwoerd tells Parliament that the Anti-Pass Resistance in Sharpeville, Gauteng was not targeted against the government.
23 – Robert Sobukwe, leader of the Pan Africanist Congress, Albert Lutuli and 11 others are arrested for incitement of riots.
24 – All public meetings of more than 12 people are banned.
30 – The government declares a State of Emergency.
8 – The government bans the African National Congress and the Pan Africanist Congress with the coming into effect of the Unlawful Organisations Act.
9 – David Pratt shoots and wounds Hendrik Verwoerd, the Prime Minister of South Africa, while he opens the Rand Easter Show at Milner Park, Johannesburg.
19 – The South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) is founded in Windhoek, South West Africa.
4 – Robert Sobukwe, President of the Pan Africanist Congress, is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for incitement of black Africans to urge the repeal of pass laws.
5 – The white population votes in a referendum to sever South Africa’s last links with the British monarchy and become a republic.
14 – Serial Killer “Pangaman” Elias Xitavhudzi is hung for the murders of 16 white men and women in Atteridgeville in the 1950s.


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