SUN SPIRIT 3 Turquois Stones Bolo

SUN SPIRIT 3 Turquois Stones Bolo


2.50 x 1.675 in \Brown.Beige Weave Sim Leather Tie

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Many people agree with the version of the bolo tie’s history as related by Manny Goodman, the one-time owner of a New Mexican Indian craft store called The Covered Wagon. Goodman shared his recollection of Albuquerque in the 1930s, when Navajo, Hopi and Zuni men began clasping together bandannas around their necks. They used a shell or a silver conch to hold the ends together and to adjust the fit. Other men used a string rather than a bandanna, and the bolo tie look was born. Beyond the southwest, however, Argentine cowboys were wearing their version of the bolo tie, but with leather straps. Other historians point to the American pioneer tradition of wearing kerchiefs or modified ties around the neck during the mid-to-late 1800s.


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