Sterling Silver Artwork

Sterling Silver Artwork

Most of us think jewelry when presented with the words “Sterling Silver”, but not very long ago silver had it’s beginnings  in making  hair ornaments, thimbles, garter pins. It very quickly surpasses the then famous English silver crafting business.  The Gorham Silver Company led the design and silver usage movement at the beginning of the 19th century and produced for example, a silver tea set for Mary Todd Lincoln and a flat wear set that is still used at occasions at the White House. The person who drove it to success was Jabez Gorham of Providence Rhode Island. He retired in 1848 but his company moved forward with more efficient manufacturing methods and tools that helped design new patterns and products developed by his son John.

At the 1893 Columbia World Exposition, the company received 47 awards for excellence. BTW we have both Sterling Silver coins minted especially for the 1893 World Expo and Heritage Sterling Silver CoinWear made from those coins.

Gorham Silver Manufacturing Company, heavily weighted on it’s financial position by the Great Depression, changed ownership several times and is now Department 56.


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