The Highest Paid Race Vehicle Drivers in History!

$15,000,000,000.         Gaius Appuleius Diocles

$     489,000,000.         Lewis Hamilton

$     146,089,000.         Jeff Gordon

$     142,773,836.         Jimmie Johnson

Both Gaius Appuleius Diocles and Flavius Scorpus, not Roman Generals or Politicos but charioteers, two guys that retired over 2,000 years ago. Diocles retired at age 42 and Scorpus was killed at 27 after racking up over 2,000 victories.

The sound of the race was somewhat different then: Thundering Hooves not screeching tires along with spinning wheels and cheering crowds. The roots to chariot racing in Rome were to honor the chief Roman god, Jupiter Optimus Maximus stemming from Greece Olympic Games. Back there it was not considered entertainment but part of their religious worship. They were Holy Activities, solemn religious rites to please the gods in sacrifice or the display of physical skills.

The Iliad speaks of chariot racing as part of the funeral games ordered by the mourning Achilles in honor of his fallen companion Patroclus.

The key question is; How long would it take for Jeff Gordon to circle around the hippodrome, The Circus Maximus ? The track measured about 1,700 by 260 feet.

Later expanded the track could seat as many as 250,000.

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