Vaccines, Take em or Leave em!… Your Choice of Life & Death!!!!

Because you were born yesterday and your teachers didn’t teach you Current Events, particularly, “that vaccination has helped decrease or virtually eliminate many dangerous and deadly diseases in the United States” is no reason to be stupid.  Vaccines have been so effective at removing threats, and You continue to deny the significance they have been to public health. I understand, you’re a grown-up and you don’t take orders.

Not your fault that you are not very good at measuring risk: perhaps you were absent when the subject was discussed in your basic math class. And when you see a lot of people dying from something, you don’t think that it’s a big deal. So, what am I missing!! I call it “stand your ground and die in place”.

Here are major diseases that you are either ignorant about or have been forgotten or downplayed, thanks to effective vaccines have been mitigated or eliminated them.


Smallpox has been globally eradicated through vaccines.  It is responsible for the first known vaccine. Smallpox would kill up to 30 percent of people who caught it. Right after World War II, (that’s Me, a post war baby and I’m here to write about it) countries all around the world decided to eliminate smallpox. Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to mandate smallpox vaccination. That led to the eradication of smallpox by 1979.


He was in an ideal position to study the adornments on his iron lung, where he was recovering from polio in 1945.

Polio was once one of the most feared childhood diseases in the U.S. The viral infection can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, The paralysis could stop a person’s body from breathing on its own, which is why so many infected people had to be placed in an “iron lung.” By the late 1940s, it was disabling more than 35,000 Americans each year. The number of U.S. polio cases peaked in 1952, when it caused 57,879 infections and 3,145 deaths relative to the US population of 157 million at that time.

Remember Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine?  parents flocked to sign their children up to get the shot. As a result, 623,972 children received the vaccine. The trials showed the vaccine was 80 to 90 percent effective at preventing polio. Thanks to the continued vaccination of children through today, no polio cases have originated in the United States since 1979.

The Flu

influenza remains a deadly disease that has caused previous pandemics and has the potential to cause future ones as well.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the flu caused between 12,000 and 61,000 U.S. deaths annually between 2010 and 2020. Globally, it kills between 291,000 and 646,000 people each year.

The deadliest outbreak ever recorded was in 1918 and 1919. That flu pandemic killed roughly 675,000 people in the United States and up to 50 million people worldwide. It also may have infected a third of the world’s population, or about 500 million people. Since then, there have been several other flu pandemics.

Making a vaccine for a new flu strain is very different from making a vaccine for something completely new like COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that emerged in 2019. Doctors and scientists first developed viable flu vaccines in the 1940s, so they were not starting from scratch when they went to work on the 1957 flu vaccine

“About the Flu; we don’t know what would’ve happened without the vaccine. It is impossible to say the number of lives that were saved. The Vaccine dramatically turned the pandemic around.
Any Questions?????